A celebration of values and culture.
2020. Interior Design

Client:TEKsystems – an Allegis Group Company

Industry: Information Technology & Services

Location: Skyview Knowledge City, HYD

Area: 60,000 sq ft

Status: Completed

The Brief: Design a high-quality workspace experience illustrative of our company values and one that celebrates the vibrant Indian culture.

Our Response:
At ADEelite, our design ethos is based on the versatility of essential forms which we then articulate through strategic use of colours, textures, furnishings and technology. All of this creates a harmonious visual, physical and emotional experience.
For this project, our human-centric design concept ensures that all elements reflect the core values of the client  relationships, open communication, serving others, and commitment  and the vibrancy of the Indian culture. We achieved this by employing rich Indian craftsmanship techniques in the use of metal, wood and glass
We augmented the enabling of open and spontaneous human interactions and high-quality workspace experience for 700+ employees by incorporating visual and emotional connections in the design. Where the physical aspects of space design not only prompt how we move, but also create a mood and energy that is perceived both consciously and subconsciously.
Visually, through design and material applications, we maximised the inflow of natural light and have created an open environment. By creation of elements using line, volume and void, we brought about versatility  where the workspace physically transforms from private cabins into enclosed meeting spaces and vice versa.
Large graphics and art installations complement natural vistas in order to cultivate a sense of pride for the Indian culture and the company values. In all, we delivered a high-quality experience of collaborative spaces with a heightened sense of community and belongingness.