Impactful design. For previews, interviews and purviews
2015. Interior Design, Engineering Design and Project Management.

Client:TESCO Stargate


Location: Whitefield, Bengaluru

Area: 80,000 sq ft

Status: Completed

The Brief: Design another building in our campus that will be used by the senior management and HR and to conduct interviews.

Our Response:
Following the ongoing work in two other buildings in the same campus, the client entrusted us to design a new building that incidentally was the first to appear in sight of anyone entering the campus.
This building was to house the senior management, HR and feature waiting rooms, interview rooms, a library, and a creche.
For this project, we came up with the novel idea of having a café on the ground floor, right by the reception area and outside the interview zones. This way, we created a window of perception that would allow prospective employees to gauge a sense of campus activity and buzz while seated in the interview room.
As in all our designs, the idea was to maximise the inflow of daylight. We heightened the cheerful disposition of the space by adopting a youthful colour palette and a motley choice of furniture.
Going a storey higher to the work floor, we skillfully accommodated casual meeting spaces in between workstation areas in a way such that there was no visual disturbance.
In all, this was a project where we leveraged our study of human psychology and spatial intelligence.