Creating identity. Reshaping coworking.
Year Of Completion:2019


Industry: Hospitality- Coworking spaces

Location: Creaticity Mall, Pune

Area: 12,000 sq ft

Status: Completed

The Brief: “Implement the new design for the extension of existing HUB at Creaticity Mall, Pune.”

Our Response:
This HUB is located on the top floor of a mall that comes with a curved metal roof supported with trusses. A design challenge that ADEelite innovatively addressed, demonstrating the multifold advantages of the new design language by creating a captivating co-working space that was sure to attract new members.
The corridor that ran along the length of this hub was extended to a welcoming playful community space, brimming with daylight. Strategic spatial zoning maximised socialising within community spaces while ensuring visual and acoustic privacy for focused work zones.
Creation of the modular ‘Kit of Parts’ and articulated adjacencies offer hub members various choices to best suit the work space culture and coexist with other businesses. These have been efficiently designed by leveraging the planning grid and other physical constraints of the building.
The work zones are designed to make hub members feel welcome, empowered, connected, calm and comfortable. The meeting and conference space design is tech-enabled and focused on high performance through interactions across the table and the globe.
Open spaces for spontaneous encounters are vibrant, designed by employing warm materials, energising colours and ergonomically-designed furniture configurations that enable innovation and collaboration.
Custom graphics, signages, art and posters lend character to the community spaces and define unity within diversity. Here, different attributes and concepts find commonality to deliver high-quality experiences.
And nurturing a culture of community and collaboration, is the Café – the heart of the HUB. This space fuels interaction and features multiple settings for touchdowns, training and events; designed to remain operational during such occasions. The curated furniture offers flexibility and adaptive reconfiguration, saving a whole lot in square footage while offering a variety of informal collaboration areas.