Creating identity. Reshaping coworking.


Industry: Hospitality Coworking spaces

Location: Pan India

Area: 3 million sq ft

Status: Ongoing

The Brief: Create the Interior Design, Brand Identity, Quality and Constructions Standards Handbook for our hubs  the community workspace facilities.

Our Response:
91springboard faces high competition from many established global players who have clear brand and spatial design guidelines in place.
For this project, ADEelite collaborated with OpusCDM - a specialist brand and marketing communications organisation to develop THE HUB as a product and create a new branding design system.
At the onset, we conducted in-depth surveys of 91S hubs and went deep into understanding the company's design standards, implementation guidelines and challenges. This was followed by us building a framework for both the HUB and the BRAND. One that addresses the twin objectives of:

  • retaining and increasing the HUB membership, and
  • creating a unique and new brand identity for 91S

Our teams developed design strategies with 91S after analysing various components of their business ecosystem. Density vs experience, brand values, work culture, geo culture, real estate, revenue streams, segments, HUB communication, HUB operations, HUB events, HR, technology, wellness & sustainability. All, with the HUB member at the core.
Our innovations in the HUB design system are intended to bring about dynamic transformations and behavioural changes all that spell ease and efficiency while staying true to the 91S brand identity. Deep-rooted in this system are the concepts of modularity, versatility, timelessness, technology, sustainability, Environment Health & Safety, physical security and affordability. Skillfully brought together by a careful consideration of materials, function, aesthetics, and detail.