Philips Healthcare ABW AT WORK

Collaboration: a cabin-free corporate culture.
2011. Interior Design, Engineering Design and Project Management. Executed in 45 nights straight.

Client:Philips Healthcare ABW

Industry: Finance and Senior Management

Location: Manyata Tech Park, Bengaluru

Area: 15,000 sq ft

Status: Completed

The Brief: “Reconfigure the existing senior management office and enhance density.”

Our Response:
We implemented an activity-based work concept by replacing dedicated private offices with open seating, work booths and collaborative spaces. We addressed changing behaviours and evolving needs through design that created a sense of wow. Featuring dynamic configurable spaces that provide a variety of great work experiences – open and social, closed and private, collaborative and shared.
Take the big meeting space in the centre comprising a boardroom and a project meeting room that can merge into a single space or be zoned off at will. It’s a space that can even open and extend into the open office – turning it into yet another collaboration zone. This is just one instance of ‘multi-use of spaces’, a workplace innovation and our driving theme for this project.
The floor being the topmost floor of an operating commercial building, we had only nights to work with. Nevertheless, daytime brings to life a key aspect of our design – a healthy abundance of sunlight for the work floor and its people; well complemented by the grey and white colour palette featuring accents.
For this project, we held meetings with the senior management on how multiple cabins wasted a lot of space since most of their time was spent in meeting rooms. We also conducted a lot of workshops and exercises with the teams on how to use the new meeting space. Also acknowledging their need for quiet and privacy, one and two-seater phone booths were designed in. Double-glazed partitions in the meeting space too ensured no transference of sound.
At the completion of this project, the client awarded us with the project of designing 20 more floors. Each of which we customised for a specific business vertical while basing it on the same theme: multi-use of spaces.