80,000 sq ft and an unconventional twist.
2018. Design+Build.

Client:Ruckus Networks

Industry: R&D

Location: Marathahalli, Bengaluru

Area: 80,000 sq ft

Status: Completed

The Brief: Create a state-of-the-art R&D centre that addresses high-privacy requirements yet offers creative solutions for our engineers.

Our Response:
Ruckus Networks, a then ARRIS company, wanted to set up a new R&D centre in Bangalore. They wanted the design to be an extension of the work we did for ARRIS while ensuring the design elements represented their core business – building wired and wireless access networks for organisations.
Most R&D centres prefer tight assembly of furniture with high privacy screens & low-cost interior design solutions. Where the design emphasis is more on the tech infrastructure than on the well-being of employees. We, of course, differed in this approach.
We took the 80,000 sq ft of office space and split it between labs, workspaces & collaborative areas. Throughout, we applied a distinctive colour palette and a novel 'Virtual vs Real' design concept to create a progressive, high-performance workplace with a balanced focus on user experience and productivity.
The creatively planned workspaces & labs effectively broke the conventional design approach towards R&D centres. Yet another example of how we, at ADEelite, turned an R&D centre into a fun and inspiring place to work at.