SUEZ At Work

Versatility and enhanced space management.
2017. Interior Design.


Industry: Recycling and Resource Management

Location: Whitefield, Bengaluru

Area: 32,000 sq ft

Status: Completed

The Brief: “Fit-out our new office space in Bengaluru to reflect our culture and brand values.”

Our Response:
SUEZ is a recycling and resource management company that uses innovation and collaboration to implement smart and sustainable resource management solutions.
We divided the new 32,000 sq ft office space into two Wings, separated at the reception area. Small recreational spaces were designed in, throughout the space, along with two small libraries in both wings; to provide the staff with multiple areas away from their workstations to ideate or collaborate.
To increase the space utilisation and enhance the ease of access, the meeting rooms were placed along the centre of the fitout with both wings having equal access to them. Each of these meeting rooms were designed distinct from each other, with their own set of furnishings and colour scheme.
Adding to the versatility of the space, a flexible fabric partition was used to divide the two big meeting rooms, each opening into separate wings – which can be further made into one big, seamless conference room complete with acoustic absorption.
To encourage interaction with senior management, open cabin cubicles and team leader work desks were placed among the workstations, creating neighbourhood clusters and increasing management’s visibility and interaction with employees.
Graphics & colour scheme were carefully curated to reflect the company culture & brand values.