An office with no dedicated workstation.
2012-2013. ADEelite's first Design+Build Project.

Client:Synapse Techno Design Innovations

Industry: Automation Design

Location: Whitefield, Bengaluru

Area: 10,000 sq ft

Status: Completed

The Brief: The technology, the space, is changing. We need something with a fresh and timeless appeal.

Our Response:
An organic free-flowing layout for a 200-people team that inspires free-flowing thought and agility. One designed without hierarchy, resonating with the cultural ethos at SYNAPSE. Where 50% of the seating is loose furniture. Interestingly, an office with no dedicated workstation. In essence, the freedom to work from anywhere.

Underlining spatial and human dynamics, the design concept was developed along an organic grid of nodes; where each node leads to another, both in form and function. And then, there's White. White marble. White walls. White ceiling. White partitions. An all-embracing White - symbolic of an empty canvas, an invitation to innovate; accentuated by bold reds - a dash of dynamism.
Most of the furniture and fittings were customised. Ergonomic furniture selections were motivated by product-space, space-people, and people-community relationships. The lighting, the angular forms of the furniture with solids and voids, and the choice of material, all added to the fluidity and expansiveness of the space. Clever zoning & orientation of enclosures created spaces that could be used for numerous work modes.
To achieve the desired finish and deadlines, we worked closely with the craftsmen. We ensured minimum wastage by doing a lot of shop drawings. The cutting of ply for formwork too was done in a way so that the rest of it could be reused. These are small big things that reduced the overall spend for the client.
A highlight of this project? We managed to address all the needs of the client within 10,000 sq ft of the 40,000 sq ft space allocated; the rest was eventually let out. We achieved this and more by spending a lot of time with the client's teams, in understanding their needs. And thereon, demonstrating expertise in coordination, communication and a lot of patience through briefing, material sourcing, and execution.
All, for a space designed to inspire, bring joy, and work for the people it is built for - as evident from SYNAPSE still working out of this chosen space.