TEKsystems AT WORK

World-class. People-centric.
Year Of Completion:2018

Client:TEKsystems - an Allegis Group Company

Industry: Information Technology & Services

Location: RMZ Ecoworld, Bengaluru

Area: 42,000 sq ft

Status: Completed

The Brief: “Design our first flagship office space in India for a 500+ member team.”

Our Response:
The design theme for this project was conceptualised to mirror the ‘connecting nodes’ of TEKsystems’ Global Network, IT Network, Communication Network and People Network. One designed to resonate with the individual employee, the teams, the cultural ethos and the business.
The entire layout accommodated for private work zones, agile team requirements, collaborative spaces, and spaces for team townhall gatherings. Going by the theme, all nodes were connected by way of Activity Zones.
This was a project where we brought almost 100 different products with different finishes together, featuring durable and sustainable furniture solutions. The colour palette was extensive, based on the various geographical touchpoints of the company. Through subtle branding and graphics, we made the space evocative of global diversity. And it was all stitched together by way of a peripheral walkway inspired by Route 66; closer home,
NH 44.
Going beyond the brief, we drew the client’s attention on how design can bring about a heightened sense of well-being. How spaces can inspire people on a daily basis, and drive their curiosity. Simple decisions, from the choice of a certain finishing in a meeting room to bringing the meeting rooms to the centre of the layout that allows employees natural light as much as possible. All this and more led to the creation of a world-class collaborative space that for each employee housed home-like comfort.