A feat in inclusion, privacy, and empathy.
2015. Interior Design, Engineering Design and Project Management.

Client:Whitefield, Bengaluru


Location: Whitefield, Bengaluru

Area: 3,00,000 sq ft

Status: Completed

The Brief: Accommodate 1,500 more people into the existing 3,200-people workspace without adding a building.

Our Response:
We conducted 3 months of workshops and mockups for the client to first gauge the feasibility of bringing in 1,500 more people into this campus. Thereon, we based this project on the ‘neighbourhood’ concept. We divided the workforce into teams of 15, 25, 30, and 45. Creating a neighbourhood for each team that would support agile working.
Increasing the people density on the floor puts pressure on the engineering – the need for more lighting and ACs for instance. We addressed this through clever interior design and strategic furniture placement. The collaborative furniture was designed to visually break the floor into smaller teams, without the use of space-consuming partitions. And then, with open workstations, lockers for all, and easy access to collaboration zones; we turned this into a highly-functional space that addresses the unique needs of varied teams.
A highlight of this project is the manner in which we negotiated spaces without building walls. We met the client’s requirement of acoustic and visual privacy without building enclosed cabins. Collaborative furniture was wrapped with acoustic materials to absorb 80% of the sound at source. By saving here, we invested in higher-quality chairs, better finishes that last long. And going beyond the client’s brief, we even helped the client save on energy bills for the decade ahead.
This was a project for 2 floors, at the end of which the client awarded us the project for 15 more floors.