Our expertise lies in understanding the relationships between culture, human behaviour, technology, organisational processes and the creation and use of physical environments for work, innovation and learning.

Our architects design and construct high performance creative communities by collaborating with clients who seek to push boundaries.

TEKsystems - Hyderabad

At ADEelite, our design ethos is based on the versatility of essential forms which we then articulate through strategic use of colours, textures, furnishings and technology. All of this creates a harmonious visual, physical and emotional experience.


The scope of this project included building enhancement & architecture. The given space was spread across three floors. To facilitate entrances on all, and for a welcoming feel to the community space, ADEelite designed an external stairway system.


91springboard faces high competition from many established global players who have clear brand and spatial design guidelines in place.


This HUB is located on the top floor of a mall that comes with a curved metal roof supported with trusses. A design challenge that ADEelite innovatively addressed, demonstrating the multifold advantages of the new design language by creating a captivating co-working space that was sure to attract new members.

TEKsystems - Bangalore

The design theme for this project was conceptualised to mirror the ‘connecting nodes’ of TEKsystems’ Global Network, IT Network, Communication Network and People Network. One designed to resonate with the individual employee, the teams, the cultural ethos and the business.

91SPRINGBOARD - Bangalore

The Bangalore HUB at Trifecta Adatto is 91springboard’s largest hub. Spread across 60,000 sqft and divided into three floors that have now been designed to accommodate more than 1,300 members.

TESCO Campus

We conducted 3 months of workshops and mockups for the client to first gauge the feasibility of bringing in 1,500 more people into this campus. Thereon, we based this project on the ‘neighbourhood’ concept.

TESCO Stargate

The client entrusted us to design a new building that incidentally was the first to appear in sight of anyone entering the campus. This building was to house the senior management, HR and feature waiting rooms, interview rooms, a library, and a creche.


An organic free-flowing layout that inspires free-flowing thought and agility. Where 50% of the seating is loose furniture. An office with no dedicated workstation. In essence, the freedom to work from anywhere.


At a functional level, we needed to design the showroom in a way that would allow it to accommodate more furniture pieces and easily replace the existing with the new.


The new space was to host a combination of engineers from two former ARRIS sites and a recently acquired company. It was to be ARRIS’ largest single-facility outside of the US, and among more than 60 countries.


Ruckus Networks, a then ARRIS company, wanted to set up a new R&D centre in Bangalore. They wanted the design to be an extension of the work we did for ARRIS while ensuring the design elements represented their core business – building wired and wireless access networks for organisations.


CommScope, a global network infrastructure provider, awarded ADEelite the project to design a high-productivity workspace within an extremely challenging budget. The new design was to retain most of the already-existing infrastructure – such as furniture, finishes and zoning partitions.

Philips Healthcare ABW

A meeting space that can open and extend into the open office – turning it into yet another collaboration zone. This is just one instance of ‘multi-use of spaces’, a workplace innovation and our driving theme for this project.


Suez is a recycling and resource management company that uses innovation and collaboration to implement smart and sustainable resource management solutions.

SLK Manyata - Bangalore

This was a multi-location project that saw ADEelite work the Interior Design and Project Management for the client’s 25,000 sqft Yelahanka office space, followed by 15,000 sqft office space at RMZ Ecoworld, and ending with the 1,00,000 sqft space at Manyata Tech Park.